Do you succumb to menstrual pains every month, but all your desire is to feel vibrant, alive and to fully embody your divine sensuality?

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I’m Sherline White “Clinical Nutritionist & Health Coach HHC”

AND The Period Nutritionist Who’s Gonna Help You Transform Your Body, Fix Your Period & LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, Through Resetting Your Hormones & Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits…with a little sweetness

I believe that you don’t have to suffer every month with pain & I believe that you’re unaware that you can actually fix that! HOW DO I KNOW? Funny story is…it all started with me “healing” my skin! My irregular, absent periods manifested as a skin issue.

Since 2015, Sherline White, Clinical Nutritionist, Health Coach and Educator, has help clients regain their health and restore menstrual issues, lose weight using evidence based nutrition, couple with self-care methods. She believes that nutrition, self-care, spirituality, passion and purpose contribute to our well-being.  She empowers and educate hundreds of women struggling with chronic conditions, hormonal imbalances, weight lose issues and those wanting to improve their nutrition. As an educator, Sherline taught hundred of children and parents with understanding the concept of healthy foods choices.

She is here to serve and help you thrive.  Her goal is to help ladies with their period issues. And she is doing just that. Sherline is available to help live in balance, feel your best, be well, and look fabulous and thrive!

Ready to feel your best, thrive and be the goddess you are?

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7 day fix my period challenge