90 Day Period & Hormonal Reset

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Wouldn’t you rather be sipping tea and a magazine instead of coiled in bed for 5 days?

I believe that you don’t have to suffer every month with painful period and the accompanying baggage it brings. What if I told you that it’s totally possible to fix your period, reset your hormones and create healthy lifestyle habits to maintain that with more ease? This is where I come in!

Currently… You’re experiencing

  • A deep lack of motivation

  • Excrutiaing menstrual pains

  • Emotional pains & drains

  • And above all you fear your life being disrupted pretty much every 28 days! Well let’s evolve from that space of misery, lethargy, unneccesary weight imbalances & a diseased proned body! ARE YOU READY TO FIX YOUR PERIOD?

What You Will Receive

  1. Welcome 45 on-boarding session

  2. Weekly calls "45 minute sessions" 12 calls total"

  3. Email support & phone support "messages"

  4. Bonus 2 recipes per week & accompanying shopping list

During 90 days of working 1:1 with me intimately I will teaching & guide you about the right foods to balance your periods, foods to avoid for period pains, foods to enhance their hormones & provide 1:1 support to help you gently detox their bodies on a daily basis for long term health improvement.


I registered for Sherline’s 21 Day Program. I signed up because I was miserable and only interested in weight lose. First I filled out the history form she sent me but left some information out. During our one-on-one session she revealed to me some of the issues that I had failed mention because I thought it did not matter. Well, it did. I had not seen my period in months. I was gaining weight tremendously, and was a miserable wreak. By the end of the program, my period came back, I had lots of energy, my skin was glowing, and had lost 19 lbs, 13 inches. I will continue to use all the great tips I was given. Sherline is an amazing coach and mentor!
— - Matzi.


If someone told me in just 3 weeks I would be feeling so great I would shout, “Stop Lying”. I did the program and great things started to happen. I lose 12 lbs and 9 inches. I got snatched honey! Love love how I am feeling right now!
— -Dianna J

US$1,800 IN FULL
OR 3 X US$650

I know, you may be telling yourself , well I can simply follow a recipe book & watch some videos and whilst that is true, you won’t get that 1:1 focused driven accountability and guidance to keep you focused and grounded on your journey. A total body reset is a intimate process, and also stressful. Google won’t hold your hands daily, nor will your cookbook. PLUS You can start off great but old habits kick in very easily when you’re tempted by the foods you’ve consistently loved. That’s why I created this program.

Who Am I & WHY ME?

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I’m a highly trained Clinical Nutritionist & Health Coach With a Track Record Of Helping Clients Get Rapid Long Lasting Results..

Since 2015, I have help clients regain their health and restore menstrual issues, lose weight using evidence-based nutrition, couple with self-care methods. She believes that nutrition, self-care, spirituality, passion, and purpose contribute to our well-being.

I empower and educate hundreds of women struggling with chronic conditions, hormonal imbalances, weight loss issues and those wanting to improve their nutrition.

As an educator, I have taught hundreds of children and parents with understanding the concept and benefits of healthy foods choices.

I am here to serve and help you thrive. My goal is to help ladies end their period issues. And I am doing just that. I am available to help live in balance, feel your best, be well, and look fabulous and thrive!

Ready to feel your best, thrive and be the goddess you are? Book a Consultation, today!


You will be able to have more self care balance, more awareness, more body care, healthier daily habits to ensure more joy and inner peace and flow in life.

A gentler approad to ridding your body of excess hormones, excess detox, excess estrogen, and you will feel great, renewed, light, energized, transformed, feel sexy! YOU will feel like a woman should feel, LIKE A GODDESS!.

In 21 days my life literally changed. I lose 10 lbs and 10 inches, my energy levels increased and my skin is glowing. Even my excruciating menstrual pains subsided. Coach Sherline is awesome!
— -Kurlene S

ARE YOU READY? If you’re ready to replace

  • Regular menstrual pain

  • Constantly feeling miserable

  • Emotional drains

  • Weight imbalances & unhealthy" belly fat

  • Feeling like that your entire world is crashing down &

  • Unmotivated to pursue your goals.

 WITH enjoying your life every moment, being happier & energetic which means you will be able to spend that quality time with your family without feeling bothered by pain…then we may be the perfect match!

Let’s Have Our First Intimate Conversation To See If It’s The Right Fit!