A few words from our clients. Our goal is to provide services that keeps our clients happy and thriving. And we are pleased to hear any feedback you have for us.
— -Sherline White.

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Best 21 Day Challenge Program!

I registered for Sherline's 21 Day Program. I signed up because I was miserable and only interested in weight lose. First I filled out the history form she sent me but left some information out. During our one-on-one session she revealed to me some of the issues that I had failed mention because I thought it did not matter. Well, it did. I had not seen my period in months. I was gaining weight tremendously, and was a miserable wreak. By the end of the program, my period came back, I had lots of energy, my skin was glowing, and had lost 19 lbs, 13 inches. I will continue to use all the great tips I was given. Sherline is an amazing coach and mentor!

- Matzi.

 I love the 21 Day Program!

In 21 days my life literally changed. I lose 10 lbs and 10 inches, my energy levels increased and my skin is glowing. Even my excruciating menstrual pains subsided. Coach Sherline is awesome! 

-Kurlene S

Life Changing!

If someone told me in just 3 weeks I would be feeling so great I would shout, "Stop Lying". I did the program and great things started to happen. I lose 12 lbs and 9 inches. I got snatched honey! Love love how I am feeling right now!

-Dianna J

The Coaching Sessions are amazing!

I signed up because I had intense carb cravings and was gaining weight. I only wanted to lose 10 lbs. With days of getting started on the program my co-workers noticed how my glowing skin and vibrant spirit. By the end of the program  lose 15 lbs.

-Nadia R